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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a BUBBLE Bath Bomb? A Bubble Bath Bomb(BUBBLE BOMB) is a bath product shaped like a ball. When placed in water, it fizzes and releases it colors, scents, moisturizing oils, and BUBBLES.  Yes, that’s right – a Bath Bomb that actually creates a BUBBLE BATH!  BUBBLE BOMBS are very moisturizing for your skin and are often used as a means of stress-relief – (kids bath time is even less stressful for moms with a BUBBLE BOMB – no more whining and fighting at bath time!)

How is a BUBBLE Bath Bomb different than a Bath Bomb? Have you ever wished your bath bomb created a bubble bath?  Wish no more!  Our BUBBLE BOMBS will create a bubble bath if you drop them in the tub near the water stream as you start to fill the tub.  If dropped in the bath after the tub is full, it will provide a more traditional bath bomb experience(no bubble bath).  Like other bubble bath products, BUBBLE BOMBS need water pressure as the tub is filled to activate its bubbly goodness.

What ingredients are in the BUBBLE BOMBS? Two Sisters Spa selects only the highest quality USA-MADE ingredients for our bath bombs:  Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA), Olive Oil, Fragrance Oil, Water-based FD&C Colorants, Witch Hazel, and Colored Sugar Embellishments. Our bath bombs are vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO as well.

Where are your bath bombs made? All of our BUBBLE BOMBS Are hand made in small batches by flex-working moms in the USA – in our home state of Minnesota!

Will Bubble Bath Bombs stain my tub? We use only water-based USA-made colorants that won't leave permanent stains on your tub. If you do see a ring on your tub after your bath, you can simply wipe it off with a cloth.  If more scrubbing is required, the color is likely clinging to another residue on your tub(soap residue, hard water residue, etc).  Once you clean off the residue (magic erasers often do the trick!), color will not collect there while using future bath bombs.

Will Bubble Bath Bombs stain my skin? If dropped in the tub near the water stream as you fill your tub, all color from the bath bomb will transfer to the water and not stain your skin.  If your kiddo likes to hold the bath bomb as it dissolves, some color can temporarily transfer to their hands.  The color typically washes off by the end of the bath or with a few hand washes with soap and water. 

Will Bubble Bath Bombs stain my bath wash cloths? It's not recommended to use light colored linens with colored bath bombs of any kind because some fibers can absorb the colors.  If this happens, try soaking in Cool Water/1 tsp Dish Soap/1 TBSP Vinegar or peroxide mixture.  After soaking, rinse in cool water.  It's important to try this before putting they go in the dryer.  If they've already been washed/put in the dryer, it may be more difficult to remove the color.

Are your Bubble Bath Bombs OK for people with sensitive skin? Since our BUBBLE BOMBS are made with high quality ingredients and contain moisturizing oils and Epsom salts, people with eczema and other skin irritations have found great benefit from our products.  However, if you are unsure if you have a sensitivity to any of our ingredients, we recommend testing a small amount of the bath water on a test area of skin before fully submerging just to be safe. 

Are your Bubble Bath Bombs OK for people with allergies? Our Bubble Bath Bombs are free from most allergens. None of our bath bombs contain nuts, dairy, or gluten.

What surprises are hidden inside?  Our founder sources all of our surprises herself with the help of her 2 grade-school-aged daughters.  They strive to find the largest variety of surprises kids will love so you won’t get the same surprises if you are a frequent user like we are.  This BUBBLE BOMBS set includes Gender Neutral surprises such wind-up toys, stampers, mini bubbles, water guns, animals, sticky hands, yo-yo's, slinky's, and mini puzzles, to name a few. 

What age are Kids Bubble Bath Bombs appropriate for? Due to the size of some of our surprises, they may not be appropriate for kids under the age of 3. 

Do Kids Bubble Bombs have any benefits? Kids BUBBLE BOMBS offer benefits for both kids and moms!  For moms, no more whining and fighting at bath time!  Our kids BUBBLE BOMBS make kids want to take baths literally every night, which is more fun, exciting, and relaxing for everyone involved!  In addition, kids’ skin benefits from the moisturizing oils and detoxifying Epsom salts we use.

How long can I store my bath bombs?  Bath bombs become less effective over time. Due to the freshness of our ingredients, we suggest using them as soon as possible for maximum fizz, bubbles, fragrance and color.  But if stored in a cool, dry, dark air-tight container, they can often last 6-12 months.
How long do bath bombs take to fizz? Our BUBBLE BOMBS take several minutes to dissolve and create your BUBBLY fun zone, but the fragrance, color, bubbles and fun last much longer!


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