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on January 29, 2017
At first I was put off by the peanuts that the bath bombs were shipped in, until I read the note inside the box saying that the packing was water soluble. I dumped some into a cup of water and sure enough, they dissolved, so I went from being peeved to wondering why it took so long to come up with something like this. Still don't like packing peanuts but at least if they dissolve, unlike their Styrofoam equivalents, I don't feel I'm contributing to an environmental issue with long living packing. From there went to the kids enjoyment of the bath bombs in the tub and that was great, no complaints and everyone was happy. Bottom line, great product, would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for environmentally friendly bath bombs, or just plain ol' bath bombs.

ruiz4708 on Jan 18, 2017
Amazing how many bubbles you get from these! Nice fresh scent too. ?

JennyP1053 on Dec 6, 2016

These are the BEST bath bombs ever!

paigefaithsmom on Oct 10, 2016
Fast shipping. Great smelling bath bombs thank you!!

on September 25, 2016
I just received these today while I was at work. I got home and my son was so excited to see his bath bombs had arrived!!! (So excited he fell over his scooter and skinned his knee ?) He jumped in the tub so fast when he realized it was time for his bath!!! The scent from these is so amazing!!! He was even more excited when his surprise popped out!!! I will definitely be ordering again!!!! It's a little expensive, but it's so worth it!

Alexx Hames on Sep 23, 2016
Amazing scents and bubbled up so nicely! Only got to use 3 on my break home from school so hopefully the other 3 will be just as nice in December :)

Patricia L on Aug 20, 2016

These bath bombs are fantastic!! They smell amazing and my little boy just loves them. If you're looking for a good quality bath bomb, this is it.

rroan92 on Jul 29, 2016
As someone who had never used a bath bomb before, I was really excited to see what these were like. The colors are amazing and the scents are just the perfect amount! As someone who isn't the biggest fan of overwhelming scents these are perfect. I'm so glad I purchased from this vendor and I'm absolutely in love. I will be a recurring customer for sure!

on March 4, 2016
These are great and big!! My boys kept trying to steal my bath bombs so I found these for them. These are so much better than mine!! They fizz and bubble and turn the water whatever color the bomb. It does not leave a residue and it smells great. Bonus: the boys love the prize inside!! What a fun treat!

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